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Helpful Steps You Should Take After An Accident

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Sometimes you do not start to feel the pain until a day or two after an accident. Seek medical treatment and continue treatment plans recommended by your provider.
Collect Information - maintain detailed records of your injuries, treatment and recovery, request a copy of the accident report and witness statements, and collect your automobile insurance coverage information.

Verify the Police Report Is Accurate

If it is not accurate, contact the officer to report any changes.
Review Your Automobile Insurance Policy - you may have uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage or medical payments coverage on your own policy that can apply to your case.

Do Not Give Recorded Statements to Either Insurance Company

It is too easy to accidentaly say things that will damage your case

Do Not Allow Your Insurance Company to Pay Medical Bills Without Your Approval

if you have medical payments coverage, your insurance company may pay your medical bills on a first-come, first-served basis. This may be an unwise use of your limited medical payment funds.

Use Your Health Insurance

Your health insurance will often pay your medical bills, which will take stress off of you while you recover. Your health insurer may, or may not, request to be repaid when you settle your case - this is called subrogation. However, it is better to get your medical bills paid than risk collections and additional financial stress.

Resolve Your Property Damage Claim Quickly

insurance companies will not pay for car rentals or storage of your vehicle for very long.

Never Sign Paperwork From an Insurance Company Before an Attorney has Reviewed It

Often the 'at-fault' insurance company will ask you to sign 'standard paperwork' including medical authorizations. Providing them with an authorization can potentially give them unlimited access to your medical history that can damage your case.

Do Not Rush to Accept an Offer

Never sign a release or take money until you know the long-term impact of your injuries, economic losses, and other damages. Insurance companies are motivated to settle your claim quickly - often before the full extent of your injuries is known.

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